As many of you are aware, the City of Los Angeles recently passed a new law requiring that apartment owners with buildings susceptible to substantial earthquake damage must retrofit their buildings in the next few years.  This year notices will start going out to owners with properties that meet the city’s criteria.  I myself own several properties requiring these retrofits because my buildings have soft-story parking where there is parking under the second story.

So, not often but from time to time I come across an exceptional vendor I feel compelled to share with my clients.  I selected Cal-Quake Construction only after carefully researching a bunch of companies. They’ve now completed several projects for me, and I would highly recommend them.  So I’m passing this on to hopefully save you the time and trouble (and because Berzack Advisors isn’t just about doing deals—I care that my clients’ buildings are taken care of right!).  We all know how difficult it is to find reliable construction companies, especially ones that specialize in this kind of work and do what they say they are going to do.  And I know many of you are now in the same predicament as I am with a short fuse to retrofit these properties.  The good news is that after your buildings are retrofitted, they’ll be far less likely to suffer damage in the next major quake. ~ wb

Fantastic company.  I called John about a crack in my foundation.  He came out the very next day and provided me with an accurate and very fair quote.  The job was completed within the time frame and the workers were very professional and courteous.  If you need foundation work done, I highly recommend cal-quake. ~ FOT

I’m a real estate agent at Hilton & Hyland in Beverly Hills. On short notice Cal-Quake sent an inspector, Joseph Goldberger, out to let my buyer know what was going on with the foundation. WIthout overly dramatizing the situation Joseph explained the situation and possible fixes, with plusses and minuses. He was reasonable, professional and affable. Will be using them again. ~ Coley L

Been working with Shelly Perluss for many years. We have clients who have been very happy with his work and his prices are very reasonable. Highly recommend. ~ LA Vintage Homes

I bought my place 5 years ago and had it retrofitted by Cal-Quake.  I know nothing about construction so what could I do but I put my faith in them.  Now I’m putting my place on the market and commissioned a building report to show potential buyers. The guy surveying my property was so impressed by the quality of the retrofitting and cripple wall repairs that he asked who carried them out and of course I told him. Yay Cal-Quake – thanks for the awesome job! (Shelly was a really nice guy too!) ~ Sarah N

A small, solid group of people – mostly they do earthquake retro-fitting – regardless very good structural work – they come, they see, they conquer.  John is good people with good ideas. ~ Sara P